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Our Products

From software to hardware, Amicis offers a broad range of services designed to enhance your operational capabilities and competitive edge.


Architecture Engineering & Construction, Product Design & Manufacturing and Media & Entertainment

Autodesk offers a suite of software that is engineered for the future of design and manufacturing across various industries. Whether you’re crafting blueprints for urban infrastructure, designing components for cutting-edge products, or animating for blockbuster films, Autodesk’s tools like AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and Fusion 360 enable professionals to build detailed models and simulations efficiently. These tools support enhanced workflows and compatibility with various operating systems, ensuring flexible and powerful solutions for every phase of your project.


Creative Cloud, Digital Marketing Solutions, Adobe Sign, Substance 3D and Document Management Solutions

Adobe revolutionizes the way creative and marketing professionals render visual stories and manage content. The Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, empowers creators with tools to craft stunning visuals and multimedia. For marketers, Adobe’s Digital Marketing Solutions provide robust tools to engage audiences effectively. Additionally, Adobe Sign streamlines electronic agreement processes, and Substance 3D offers powerful texturing and modeling for 3D artists. With comprehensive document management solutions, Adobe ensures that your creative assets and documentation are efficiently managed and easily accessible.


Productivity Tools, Cloud Solutions and Enterprise Services

Microsoft’s array of products is pivotal for businesses seeking reliable and versatile productivity tools, robust cloud solutions, and comprehensive enterprise services. From the Office 365 suite that enhances day-to-day productivity to Azure’s vast cloud infrastructure capabilities, Microsoft ensures high scalability and security. These tools are designed to support enterprises in streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and protecting data across global teams.


Cybersecurity Solutions, Network Security, Secure Access

Fortinet’s cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies protect your organization’s network integrity from the growing threats in the digital space. Offering a range of products including next-generation firewalls, endpoint security, and secure access solutions, Fortinet ensures that your business operations are shielded from vulnerabilities, enabling a secure and resilient digital environment.

Any Desk

Remote Desktop Access, Secure Collaboration, Cross-Platform Support

Anydesk provides a reliable and secure platform for remote desktop access, facilitating seamless collaboration and support across various locations. Known for its low latency and high frame rates, Anydesk offers a smooth and responsive user experience, making remote work hassle-free and efficient. Its robust security features and cross-platform support ensure that your data remains secure, whether you’re accessing from a PC, smartphone, or tablet.


Computing Solutions, Enterprise Hardware, Personal Devices

Our hardware lineup from HP, Dell, and Lenovo includes state-of-the-art computing solutions tailored for both personal and enterprise use. From powerful desktops and laptops designed for high performance and durability to servers and storage solutions that scale with your business needs, our range ensures that you have the right tools to enhance productivity and maintain operational efficiency. Each brand brings its unique strengths, ensuring high-quality options for every type of user and business requirement.