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Central Expressway Section II Project

As a professional in the field of IT and consulting, I am pleased to provide a positive recommendation for AMICIS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. for their outstanding services and dedication. In my position as the Head of IT (2015-2018) at Tudawe Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. and Tudawe Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., I have had the opportunity to work closely with them on various projects, such as the Central Expressway Section II Project, Road, Hotel, Housing, and water projects, using software such as Revit, Civil 3D, and Autodesk.
AMICIS Holdings consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the complex challenges in the construction industry, offering software solutions that have greatly improved our processes, increased efficiency, and enhanced project outcomes. Their after-sales service is commendable, providing seamless operations and prompt support whenever needed.

What sets AMICIS Holdings apart is not only the quality of their software, but also their strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their proactive approach and continuous product improvements, tailored to meet the changing needs of the construction sector, highlight their commitment to innovation and excellence.
In summary, I highly recommend AMICIS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. to any construction organization in search of reliable and efficient software solutions. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to customer success make them a valuable partner for any construction project.